Santa Barbara Style: Exemplary Exteriors

It’s that time of year. Crisp air warms. New colors arrive. And the early months of an all-new lap around the sun draw us more often into the outdoor lifestyle Santa Barbara is famous for. It’s no wonder that the owners, architects, designers, and builders of our most cherished homes aren’t shy about outward appeal. Here’s a handful of exemplary exteriors.

California Spanish Ranch Home: With the Santa Ynez Mountains as a backdrop, this remodel — headed up by architect Hugh Twibell — pays homage to the traditional California hacienda and features a courtyard garden by Deanna Foster. Photograph by Jim Bartsch.

Montecito Foothills Entertainer: Inspired by the architecture of tropical plantations, the owners of this single-family residence wished to showcase furnishings and collections while slowly unveiling the property’s staggering mountain and coastline views. Architect Tom Meaney orchestrated the remodel. Photograph by Jim Bartsch.

Santa Barbara Beach House: Inside, the homeowner achieved an airy, open ambiance by removing posts and walls and installing bigger windows. Outside, Mother Nature does all the heavy lifting, with comforts and accents provided by landscape designer Alida Aldrich. Photograph by Jim Bartsch.

Santa Barbara Casita: Maintaining cozy ambiance, refurbished windows welcome natural light across kitchen and living room upgrades. Out back, an expanded deck and reimagined landscaping create a comfortable and private outdoor space. Landscaping by Blue Agave. Photograph by Jim Bartsch.

Tudor Renovation: This classic neighborhood home in Santa Barbara’s San Roque neighborhood features much of its original 1930s detail, plus just the right amount of welcoming greenage out front. Landscape design by Toni Heren. Photograph by Jim Bartsch.


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