Custom Construction: Top 2022 Jobsite Pics

Ask any contractor making a go of it — It’s not easy building custom homes in Santa Barbara. But with a bit of perspective and lots of successful collaboration, the rewards outweigh the challenges. When it comes to meeting — or exceeding — the high standards of our seaside town, those very same hoops and hurdles produce a process that ensures spectacular results. Just take a look around.    

We’ve said it before: Success takes teamwork. From architects to engineers; from stonemasons to electricians; from pipefitters to roofers — just to name a few among the dozens of experts working on any given jobsite. Each specialist focuses on delivering a specific product, an essential puzzle piece that helps to create the cumulative big picture — a custom home for a special client.  

“As general contractors, we are calling the plays and helping our teammates perform at their best because we know that what makes our projects special is the combined heart and professionalism of everyone involved,” says company principal and partner Eric Carlstedt. 

Combined heart and professionalism — It takes nothing less. We’ve known that all along. And with another year in the books, we’ll sign off with a handful of images from some of our favorite projects.

BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS: An Anacapa Architecture project in Montecito with Ashley & Vance Engineering and CCE Design Associates. Photo courtesy of Anacapa Architecture.

LET IN THE LIGHT: These steel scissor trusses allow for clerestory windows. Ashley & Vance Engineering. Photo by Jim Vaughan.

HISTORIC HOME: Hallway at recently restored residence originally designed in the early 1900s by famed architect George Washington Smith. Photo by Hank Nicolais.  

CLASSIC LINES: Arch and groin vault details from a Montecito project. Photo by Tom Stefl. 

FRONT AND CENTER: Architects at KAA Design Group take advantage of a world-class Santa Barbara view. Photo by Dennis Derham.

BUILDERS ON BOARD: Gordon Fiano Framing crewmembers install a steel eve reinforcement grid built by Delta Welding & Fabrication. Photo by Jim Vaughan.

ABOVE THE CLOUDS: Steel framing by Delta Welding & Fabrication supports a vaulted view over the Santa Barbara marine layer. Architecture by Solakian, Inc. Photo by Jim Vaughan.

LEGACY PROJECT: A newly constructed horse barn with Studio 7 Architects & Allied Art and Augustine Painting. Photo by Erin Feinblatt.


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