Our Process

Regardless of the size or style of the home you envision, we want to make sure that your experience is pleasant and the result is the quality dwelling you imagined. We pride ourselves on organizing a strong, cohesive team of design and building professionals, then bringing them together to produce an award-winning project that is completed on time and within your budget.

What’s the key to a smooth-running project with the shortest possible construction time? Careful, advance planning. The following “Five Steps to Success,” the backbone of our planning process, help us to eliminate or reduce any surprises during the building of your home.

The “design-build” team that manages our five-step process is assembled before construction begins. The Giffin & Crane team includes one of the partners, our estimators, and a project manager chosen specifically for your project. We meet with you and your architects, designers, and consultants to ensure that the home reflects your intent and budget.



We begin with a snapshot estimate of your budget and the project's requirements, based on a preliminary set of plans.



Working from your preliminary plans, we categorize each aspect of the job into line items, including quantities of labor and materials. Using unit costs, we create a detailed estimate of the projected cost for your project.



To develop the Scope of Work, we'll ask you to select materials and certain design elements. Together at planning meetings, we'll offer suggestions about your decisions and the way they might affect your project's timeline and cost. We call this process value engineering, and it is crucial to the successful completion of your house or remodel.

The Giffin & Crane team then contacts its approved trade subcontractors, who submit competitive bids for their respective portions of the work. At this stage, our goal is to identify all "gray areas" and craft a Scope of Work that details every material used, as well as all costs involved. We also outline a Construction Schedule, which projects the timing for each phase of your project. By clearly identifying solutions early on, there are fewer change orders, and we can complete construction in a timely manner and according to plan.



Once the Scope of Work is completed and all materials and prices are determined, the agreement is signed and construction begins. Your new home begins to take shape in accordance with the detailed Scope of Work and the Construction Schedule.

At this point, you'll undoubtedly work closely with one of our professional and courteous project managers, whose responsibility it is to maintain the building schedule, ensure quality and cost control, coordinate all work, answer your questions, and explore any new ideas you may have.

And, yes, we often accommodate new ideas. After calculating any necessary changes to your budget, we'll write a change order incorporating your requests into the building process. Some requests may require adjustments to the Construction Schedule, which will be reflected in a revised completion date.

We remain involved with your project throughout, visiting the site often and attending meetings with you and your project manager, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have during the building or remodeling process.



At last, your new home or remodel is complete! Before you move in, our Quality Assurance team will walk through your home with you, noting any questions or concerns you may have. At this time, we also address extended warranties and explain maintenance care. You'll receive a manual specific to those warranties and maintenance needs.

Additional quality walk-throughs take place three months and 11 months after completion.

We clicked with Giffin & Crane immediately. They understood that we wanted to go modern, but not too modern.
– Barbara & Greg Siemons

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