Reflecting on Jobs Well Done: Top-10 Pics From 2020
Sunset reflection in the finished façade of a recently completed project. Photo: Bryan Boyd.

Giffin & Crane Executive Vice President Derek Shue recently scrolled through his social media series of favorite company photos, images taken by himself and several job site supervisors throughout 2020. He had amassed 300 shots. Turns out, jobsite supervisors can be pretty handy with a camera. It’s no wonder, though. Homebuilders — especially those who focus on high-end custom projects — are a creative bunch. Much more often than not, quality craftsmanship walks hand in hand with a strong eye for detail. And it shows. Here are a few handfuls of images that Shue considers top-notch among that original 300.

Floating bathroom vanity with custom lighting at a Mesa blufftop home. Photo: Bryan Boyd.

Mike Kelly Concrete crewmembers assemble the formwork for the walls of a garage in Montecito. Photo: Tom Stefl.

Structural steel supports the massive timber-framed roof at the round pen structure of a Hope Ranch equestrian estate. Photo: Nick Pendleton.

Juan, a painting foreman for Augustine Painting, preps cabinetry for finishing at an onsite spray booth. Photo: Dennis Derham.

Pasture seen beyond progress being made on the roof over a historical George Washington Smith renovation. Photo: Aaron Foster.

Custom chandelier above stairwell. Photo: Bryan Boyd.

Sheet metal cap applied by Tom Curry Roofing & Waterproofing to a new teak fence built by TrimWorks. Photo: Dennis Derham.

Details of the custom stainless steel hardware fabricated to support an awning structure. Metalwork by Chapala Iron. Photo: Jake Lewis.

Sunrise over the ocean from a Mesa blufftop project. Photo Bryan Boyd.


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