Job Site Spotlight: Favorite Pics from 2023

From dirt to doorknobs, as they say, custom homebuilding is a team sport, a group effort of range and talent, from trusted general laborers to award-winning architects. Along the way, all stripes of tradespeople are relied upon to show up on time and on a budget to deliver a specific product, with each installment building toward something much more than just another house for just another client. Above and beyond simple shelter and living space, a home should be a safe haven and a place of personalized comfort.    

Pictured below are just a handful of job site shots from some of our favorite projects over the past year. As 2023 comes to a close, we highlight them as examples of the sort of teamwork it takes to pull off custom homebuilding, especially here in Santa Barbara.

“Each one of our projects is unique from the start and evolves until completion,” says Giffin & Crane principal and partner Eric Carlstedt. “Such a journey requires strong partners on the design side who can help our trade partners in the field get the information they need to perform. And at the end of the day, none of this work would be possible without our clients. When it comes down to it, they are the most essential members of the team, and their engagement is critical from start to finish.” From dirt to doorknobs, as they say.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Solid Rock Construction & Fine Carpentry crew build an all-new outdoor living space. Architecture by Anacapa Architects. Photo by Rick Aspenleiter.

CLEAN LINES: Finish detail by Solid Rock Construction & Fine Carpentry. Architecture by Harrison Design. Photo by Morgan Carter.

CUSTOM CURVE: Stairwell view during an extensive waterproofing remodel for a Hope Ranch hacienda. Photo by Mark Ahmadi.

ROUGH AND READY: Framing for a Montecito guest house by Thane Construction. Architecture by Chris Manson-Hing. Photo by Rudy Raygoza.

CREW WITH A VIEW: Mose Fine Carpentry crew wrap exterior beams on a beachfront remodel. Architecture by KAA Design Group. Photo by Jamison Del Real.

A CUT ABOVE: Finish carpentry by Trim Works during the remodel and restoration of a historic Montecito estate. Architecture by Appleton Architects. Photo by Matthew Morphy.

HISTORIC UPGRADE: Master Drywall handles the plasterwork at a Montecito estate. Architecture by Appleton Architects. Photo by David Glass.

TILES FOR MILES: Revamp of a classic Santa Barbara tile roof at a Hope Ranch hacienda. Photo by Timothy Dickman.


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