Cool Cabanas

Southern California sunshine has finally broken through Santa Barbara’s persistent May Gray and June Gloom. Naturally, beach days are in order. But so is pool time. And while that inviting body of water can be a standalone summertime perk, there’s something to be said for poolside features. Especially the cabana. Need a respite from the high-noon heat or a bit of privacy for a quiet read or a quick nap? A cabana has you covered. Here are a few of our favorites, along with a few details about the projects and the teams who brought them to life.

MONTECITO HILLSIDE HACIENDA: Described as a “large and healthy” renovation by architect Chris Dentzel, the overall scope of work focused on bringing the walls, cabinets, floors, and ceilings of the single-family main building into the 21st century. This included the addition of iron-framed doors, more south-facing windows — to take advantage of an ocean view — and new light fixtures to highlight the owner’s art collection. Outside, the poolside cabana features a pizza oven. Photo by Jim Bartsch.
SANTA BARBARA MEDITERRANEAN: Perched in steep terrain at the end of an unmaintained roadway, this remodel project by architect Anthony Spann at Harrison Design presented challenges associated with crew access and below-grade waterproofing. The new owner’s biggest investment was to replace a rotten and water-damaged foundation before stylizing interior spaces with respect to the fantastic view. The property’s bonus guest house cabana features high ceilings and an open floor plan overlooking the pool. Photo by Jim Bartsch.
OJAI VALLEY INN: This three-month upgrade took place during the luxury resort’s slow season, with strategic tenting to protect new excavations from winter storms and to keep the workflow moving. The scope included a new pool pavilion with hot tub, dressing rooms, outdoor showers, a dozen private cabanas, and a commercial kitchen and adjoining dining area, plus spa treatment rooms with fireplaces. Architecture by David Bury & Company. Photo by Jim Bartsch.
SPANISH CONTEMPORARY JEWEL BOX: Originally built in 1982, the 3,000-square-foot main residence underwent a comprehensive remodel with architectural design by Britt Jewett. The upgrade included a cutting-edge home-automation system across the entire original footprint and outside living spaces, including a sandstone kitchen overlooking a vanishing-edge swimming pool and cabana. Exterior lighting design by Ann Kale Associates. Pool design and other water features by Craig Kircher of Tri Valley Pool & Spa. Photo by Jim Bartsch.  

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